Article Link: When Adult ADD/ADHD Goes Untreated

I read this article in the beginning of the year and it was pivotal to me in that I related to it strongly. And, with this article I had something I could refer back to, an anchor I could hold onto, to keep moving forward and taking the necessary steps to find help .

When Adult ADD/ADHD Goes Untreated – Adult ADHD Expert NYC

There is a lot of (internal) head nodding material in here. This bit definitely gave me an ‘ah, yes’:

ADHD doesn’t start in an adult. It starts during childhood. However, people with ADHD are often poor self-reporters and historians and may believe they had no trouble with attention or focus when, in reality, they did but the structure of their environment helped them to compensate.

And this stuck with me too, strongly (and it refers to medication that might lower dopamine levels – read article for context):

…during my training at Massachusetts General Hospital, I was taught a VERY IMPORTANT PEARL. Never, never, never take away someone’s dopamine.

The whole article is quite lengthy (or just think of it as a very short book…#reframe), but was worth the read to me. I hope for you too.


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